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5 Ways to Use an AI Writing Assistant for Small Business

Easy tools for less to-do’s.

If you’re an entrepreneur, operator, or in charge of content, having an AI writing assistant for your small business might be music to your ears. Finally, someone (well, actually something) can help offload the demands of all your already long to-do list.

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Alex Knight

While having an ai writing assistant isn’t sheer magic (you’ll have to put in some effort to get the best results), here are five ways I’ve, so far, used AI writing tools to 3x my content output, increase organic traffic to my candle brand by more than 50%, and establish a consistent workflow for compounding results.

Your ai writing assistant will only perform as well as you guide it, so I’ve also included a few prompts to steer you and your new assistant on the right track for personal and professional needs.

And spoiler alert, an ai writing assistant should be seen as an assistant. It’s likely not to know your tone of voice or brand, and as ChatGPT says upfront, it “may occasionally generate incorrect information.”

So you’ll still need to be a master of your domain to spot the bloopers. They will happen.

But an ai writing assistant can certainly help you work faster, inspire content ideas, and strengthen your work. Here’s how.

5 Ways to Use an AI Writing Assistant for Your Small Business

1. Answer Quick Questions

Need a quick answer and have no time to comb through search results? An ai writing assistant can answer your queries on demand. Yes, it can serve as a long-form writing tool, too. But I’ve found some ai writing tools to be better for quick hits. For example, if I plan a vacation or need a fast fact, I turn to ChatGPT.

Ask your ai assistant: “Give me a list of 5-star hotels in Miami with tennis.” The key here is to set the guardrails: quality, location, and amenities. So whether you’re planning a trip or a business meeting, give your ai writing assistant your wishlist and watch the recommendations roll in fast.

2. Brainstorm Efficiently

Coming up with fresh ideas for your blog or social media content can sometimes be tough and time-consuming, especially as a solo operator or small business. An AI writing assistant can help you brainstorm ideas efficiently by providing prompts or suggestions tailored to your industry or niche. 

Ask your ai assistant: “Please give me 5-10 ideas for a blog post about (insert your target keyword here).” OR “Please share 50 longtail keywords to target on a blog about (insert your target keyword here).”

Staying on top of trends in your industry is a must for staying ahead of the competition. In fact, I obsess over business, digital, and marketing trends (so you don’t have to) with my monthly trend report newsletter

Sign up if you don’t want to get left behind in the AI era. 

But know that AI-generated content from your writing assistant can analyze data from various sources like news articles and research findings. However, take caution about which ai writing tool you use because not all can access current events. ChatGPT, for instance, shares upfront that it has “limited knowledge of world and events after 2021.”

4. Finish that Thought

So there’s something you want to write, but you can’t quite pull the words together. Hello, writer’s block.

Here’s what my ai writing assistant had to say about it:

“Writer’s block is a condition where a writer struggles to create new written content due to various factors, including stress, anxiety, fear, or lack of motivation. It is a common experience among writers and can occur at any stage of the writing process. Overcoming it can be challenging, but strategies such as taking a break, changing the writing environment, practicing freewriting, brainstorming, or outlining can help writers break through it.”

Ironic that it didn’t recommend itself as a way to overcome writer’s block, but an ai writing assistant can do just that. A little creative nudge with one prompt can send you on your way.

Ask your ai assistant: “Give me 5-7 ways to summarize (insert your target keyword here) in one sentence.”

5. Ensure Originality

Ai writing assistants designed for small businesses are a great way to simplify content writing and ensure your material is original. You can:

  • Create unique content: With the help of machine learning algorithms, ai writing assistants can perform plagiarism checks to ensure that every piece they produce is original.
  • Maintain high-quality standards: By cross-referencing your content with a vast database of articles, ai writing tools can detect plagiarism and suggest changes to maintain the integrity of your work.

No need to ask your ai assistant here. AI tools like Grammarly and Surfer SEO can suggest grammar edits, flag plagiarism, and optimize for SEO live, so you don’t even have to ask.

The AI Writing Tool I Use Daily

Aside from an ai writing assistant which can help you brainstorm and write content, there are ai writing tools that can maximize your content for SEO, which is short for search engine optimization. My favorite tool so far is Surfer SEO.

I use this tool to edit content live, and it gives me a score in the context of the other top-ranking articles, so the one I’m writing has the structure, terms, and headings to potentially rank high as well.

An ai writing tool like Surfer helps me edit and optimize my content on the spot. I still drop it into Grammarly for a final spelling and grammar check before blog posts go to my live site.

FAQs About AI Writing Assistants

What is an ai writing assistant?

An ai writing assistant is an advanced tool or software program that utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to generate written content. An ai writing assistant can write short-form and long-form content like articles, blog posts, captions, ideas, lists, outlines, or scripts. Your guided input determines the output for the ai writing tool.

What are the advantages of using an ai writing assistant?

Ai writing assistant tools can increase productivity and save you time by helping you brainstorm ideas, identify trends, find credible sources, and ensure originality with plagiarism checks—all with lightning speed. 

In a time when we used to venture to the library and sift through pages of encyclopedias, then handwrite our sources for future citations, ai writing tools can now strengthen your writing with persuasive copy backed by research that you didn’t have to spend hours to source.

Propel Your Small Business Forward with an AI Writing Assistant

Small business owners can benefit from using ai writing assistants like Grammarly, Jasper, and Content at Scale to create engaging content while balancing professional and personal commitments. These tools provide prompts for topic ideas, identify industry trends, and perform plagiarism checks to ensure originality and maintain high-quality standards.

You might also consider the principles of AIO writing that merge content written by an AI with the edits and oversight of an AIO writer.

By leveraging these ai assistants for content creation, entrepreneurs and enterprises can focus on other aspects of their business while still producing quality content that can propel their business online.

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Easy tools for less to-do's. 5 ways to use an AI writing assistant for small business.

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