Author: Shavaun Christian

Shavaun is a branding, design & digital marketing expert, Contributor at Entrepreneur, and Founder of the award-winning sensory candle brand Spoken Flames. She lends her global client experience to help enterprises and entrepreneurs transform ideas, tackle indecision, and launch their branded product or service on the Web. Book a personalized 1-on-1 →
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6 Business Automation Tools for Better Work-Life Balance

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The Mindset of Entrepreneurs Who Own Multiple Businesses

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Designer Explains: What is Brand Awareness?

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The Brand Bloc

The Power of Customer Reviews

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Designer Explains: What Are Brand Guidelines? (with Examples)

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5 Ways Renting a Space Can Boost Sales (Peerspace Review)

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SEO Blog Writing Guide: How to Maximize SEO (in 11 steps)

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10+ Creative Prop Ideas for Photoshoot at Home (Budget-Friendly)

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5 Benefits of Hiring an AIO Writer for Small Business

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AIO Writing Explained: Content Automation Meets Human Touch

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