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5 Benefits of Hiring an AIO Writer for Small Business

Personality meets peak productivity.

Hiring an AIO writer can be a cost-effective way to generate search-friendly, long-form content to help promote your services or goods online.

When left untouched, AI-generated content can produce errors and yield generic and painfully dry or off-tone content for your brand or business.

The robots don’t know you or your business. But an AIO writer can.

I serve entrepreneurs and enterprises and have witnessed first-hand how my client—one of the world’s largest retail brands—grappled with off-brand AI content, despite significant investment in an AI platform that promised predictive language to improve sales and overall performance.

Even billion-dollar brands need help to maintain their brand voice through generative AI.

But rest assured that as a coach, creator, or small business owner, you can leverage more accessible AI writing tools and a skilled AIO writer to produce on-brand and compelling content, too.

What is an AIO Writer?

An AIO writer is a writer or editor who leverages AI writing tools to create written content. They can inject personality, brand voice, context and fact-check AI-generated copy.

An AIO writer fills in where the robots fall short.

Why Should I Use an AIO Writer?

You should consider using an AIO writer if you have an increased need for written content, whether offline or online.

Think product descriptions, titles, captions, and most importantly—and where I’ve most effectively leveraged the principles of AIO writing—for blog posts.

With the rising costs of acquisition across paid social channels and temperamental algorithms limiting your reach on organic social content, investing in media channels you own, like your brand blog or website, is more important than ever.

Much like you’d post to a social channel, long-form content consistently published to your website (or email list) should be part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

An AIO writer can help you keep up with increased content needs, establish you as a thought leader—or position your product or service as value-driven—while maximizing your presence on the Web.

5 Benefits of Using an AIO Writer

1. More Content in Less Time

Advanced AI language models can generate whatever you ask for at any length in mere moments.

An AIO writer generally takes that generative AI content as a baseline. 

Instead of working from a blank page or spending hours researching, an AIO writer gets a head start and works from an early draft, compliments of AI.

AI writing tools to increase the pace of content production, so your writer can create more content in less time.

2. Clear Prompts for Better Output

An AIO writer will know what (and how) to ask AI through prompts.

A clear prompt is vital because it is the foundation for getting accurate and relevant responses as output.

AI models (like ChatGPT or Content at Scale) rely on the prompt to understand the context and intent of your content request. So a clear prompt helps avoid ambiguity and ensures that the AI generates appropriate and helpful outputs. 

Strategic follow-up prompts can also beef up your content piece.

3. Sounds Human, Not Automated

An AIO writer can inject personality, context, and brand-specific tone of voice into any content piece. It takes knowing your brand and, ideally, your product or service category to ensure accurate context so that your content sounds human and not automated by a soulless robot.

Even if you ask AI to rephrase content for a specific reading level or tone, the output can be a bit ‘cringe.’

There’s simply no replacement for human creativity and nuance. An AIO writer blends the best of both worlds: humanity and automation.

Bonus Benefit: Fact Checking

AI writing tools display candid warnings that content created by AI may “produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.”

An AIO writer will be able to spot inaccuracies and make the necessary edits, which is why it’s so crucial that your hybrid writer has context of not just your brand but your category.

A skilled AIO writer will be mindful of SEO best practices to ensure your content is optimized for discoverability in search. 

Combining the essentials of SEO with modern generative AI writing tools is a powerful advantage for small businesses. The more you publish, the greater your opportunity to rank and increase organic traffic through search.

Through the principles of AIO writing, I’ve significantly increased organic search to an e-commerce store. This ultimately helps drive traffic and awareness of my brand.

An AIO writer will structure content in an organic, insightful, and optimized way.

5. Adds Authenticity to Data (Personalization & Audience Targeting)

This benefit is more advanced, but by design, AI can analyze data to understand audience preferences and tailor content to meet specific interests and needs.

AI can track millions of data points and establish language insights. Its machine-learning capabilities are designed to improve performance over time (whether that means more clicks, impressions, sales, etc.).

No human can keep up.

But a human, namely, your AIO writer, can keep oversight.

An AIO writer can work with the findings and suggestions of even the most advanced AI platforms and writing tools to ensure content recommendations remain authentic to your brand.

As a small business, the pace of publishing is likely less demanding than that of a global brand, so an AIO writer may be a viable option for you.

Onboarding an AIO Writer for Your Small Business

Much like you would present design guidelines to your graphic designer, your AIO writer should receive documentation of your desired brand tone of voice.

Your brand’s tone of voice will be their North Star in editing AI-generated content.

Having someone who can shift the context of automated content into their brand tone of voice is perhaps the most significant benefit of using an AIO writer.

Words and tone will shape how prospective customers view your brand. So, when you onboard an AIO writer, be sure to have this document handy.

The tone of voice document, whether separate or as part of your overall brand guidelines, also helps ensure you and your AIO writer are on the same page.

What to Expect from an AIO Writer

Your AIO writer should be a master of these three things:

  1. SEO
  2. AI Writing Tools
  3. Copywriting and/or Editing

Ask about their experience with all three and request to view a few work samples. 

It’s inherent in the job title of AIO Writer that they will be using artificial intelligence to optimize content. 

However, it’s a unique blended skill set to:

  • Optimize said content for the Web so that your content ranks high in Search; 
  • Leverage AI writing tools to improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of content production; and
  • Creatively write and edit in your brand’s tone of voice.

Why Work with an AIO Writer (Summary)

An AIO writer understands speed & efficiency without compromising SEO & your brand’s strategy.

If you’re ready to post more search-friendly, long-form content to help promote your services or goods online, consider working with this modern hybrid kind of writer.

Human creativity and lived experience are still highly relevant and needed.

As AI tools continue to gain traction, an AIO writer blends the best of both worlds and can be a cost-effective content solution for your small business.

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